Welcome to Licking, Missouri
About our city......
Licking, or "The Settlement of Lick" takes its name from a buffalo lick that was located about a quarter mile east of the center of the present town of Licking.  The salt lick was a wet weather spring that would flood the area around it.  Later in the year the spring would dry up, leaving the salt for the animals and the Indians of the area to use.

In 1826, just five years after Missouri became a state, "The Settlement of Lick" had the first homes established.  By 1833, other families had settled in the area and in 1857, the first store was opened and a postmaster was appointed.  On August 8, 1878, a petition was presented to the Texas County Court requesting the incorporation of the "Town of Licking".

During the Civil War, the countryside was scoured by armies of both sides.  When the war was over, few homes were left standing.  The town also survived a tornado in 1880 which almost completely destroyed the homes of the people living here.  These events did not destroy their pioneering or theirs spirits.  They soon began to rebuild as they once again took up the job of making a living.  By 1889, Licking was once again a thriving little community.

Today, Licking is known as one of the states best locations for deer and turkey hunting.  Located in the heart of the Ozarks, Licking is within a few minutes drive from Montauk State Park, the Big Piney River, the Current River and the Mark Twain National Forest.

The City Council and Mayor have the care, management and control of the City and its finances.  Licking has made sever advancements in the past and continues working for growth and economic development.

Licking has a twenty member volunteer fire department and a police department consisting of a Chief, Sergeant, Corporal and two officers as well as a reserve officer.

Licking is a town of nature, homes, churches and people.  A true "hometown" atmosphere.